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We must adhere to the requirements, and terms and conditions specified by the CPE when administering any CPE-permitted course. Amongst others, these requirements include that the student has acknowledged in writing that he has:
  • read the Advisory Note to Students (Form 12) prior to enrolment and;
  • signed a student contract. For a course that is more than two months in duration, a student contract needs to be signed.
The student contract must not:
  • include provisions that will allow the PEI to make unilateral changes to any term or condition of the agreement or contract; and
  • have provisions that will allow the PEI to collect any fee for the remainder of the course from any student who has withdrawn from a course before its end date.
The student contract must include the following:
  • Duration of the course, and whether it is offered or provided on a full-time or part-time basis;
  • Commencement date and end date of the course; scheduled holidays, if any;
  • Dates of all examinations, and major assessments and assignments;
  • Expected date of the release of the results of the final examination, which shall not be more than three months after the completion of the final examination, unless otherwise permitted by the CPE;
  • Expected date of the conferment of the award;
  • Full names of the developer or proprietor of the course, and the person, organisation or institution conferring the award;
  • Components of all fees payable by the student;
  • Fee collection schedule, including any late fee payment policy; and
  • Fee refund policy of the registered PEI.

As part of SSI’s standard operating procedures (SOP), the screening of candidates before admission is crucial.

The procedures of screening for admission may include skill test, face to face interview and assessment of attitude and aptitude as these are some of the requirements and formalities.  Policies and procedures for payment, refund of fees will also be clearly explained during the admission process.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum ‘N’ / ‘O’ levels or ESS Workplace Literacy and Numeracy level 3
  • Passion for working in spa and wellness industry
  • Must be service-oriented
  • Able to speak, read and write basic English and/or Mandarin

Applicants who do not meet all the requirements may require to undergo more than one session of interview.

The following items must be purchased (where necessary) before the start of class as part of the training resources:

  • spa tools
  • spa kit (includes SSI uniforms, towels, etc)

Upon registration with SSI, you should have read, understood and endorse the following documents. Make sure our friendly administrators at SSI hands and explain clearly to you before you endorse on these forms 🙂


For interested parties who are keen to enroll in the Spa Courses, please contact us or call us at +65 6235 4341 for more detailed information.