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Police Licensing – Massage Establishment (ME)

There are 3 categories of MEs as follows:

  1. Exempted ME
  2. Cat II ME
  3. Cat I ME & Provisional Cat I ME

With effect from 2012, new massage establishment licensing rules require all new applicants for Category I Massage Establishment (Cat I ME) and Provisional Cat I ME licenses to have at least 80% of therapists who have WSQ or other recognized qualifications and Category II Massage Establishment (Cat II ME) applicants to have at least 80% with effect from 2015.

Cat I ME may be granted more conditions such as:

  1. Admission of clients regardless of their age;
  2. Unrestricted operating hours;
  3. Serving of alcohol; and
  4. Employment of foreign masseuses/therapists.

All Massage Establishments licensees will have to abide by the following provisions under the Massage Establishments Rules.

Please refer to link for an Overview of Massage Establishments.

For more information, please visit here.