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Guides to Using SkillsConnect

SkillsConnect Guides

Section 1: Overview

1.1 SkillsConnect

1.2 Employers

1.3 Individuals

1.4 WSQ Training Organisations

1.5 Non-WSQ Training Organisations

Section 2: Organisation Profiles

2.1 Company Profile
2.1.1 Apply for Profile
2.1.2 Add Branch in Profile
2.1.3 Edit Returned Application 
2.1.4 Edit Approved Profile

2.2 WSQ Training Organisation Profile
2.2.1 Apply for WSQ Organisation Accreditation
2.2.2 Check Profile Application Status
2.2.3 Edit Approved Profile
2.2.4 Add Branch in Profile

2.3 Non-WSQ Training Organisation Profile
2.3.1 Apply for Profile
2.3.2 Add Branch in Profile
2.3.3 Edit Returned Application 
2.3.4 Edit Approved Profile

Section 3: Course Submission

3.1 WSQ Training Organisation
3.1.1 Apply for Course Accreditation
3.1.2 Edit or View Course Profile
3.1.3 Update Profiles of Trainer and Assessor
3.1.4 Reply to Clarifications from SSG
3.1.5 Upload Supporting Documents

3.2 Non-WSQ Training Organisation
3.2.1 Apply for Course Funding
3.2.2 Edit Approved Course
3.2.3 Edit Returned Course
3.2.4 Upload Supporting Documents

Section 4: Training Grant

4.1 Apply for Training Grant by Company
4.1.1 Upload Trainee Details in CSV File Format (for multiple trainees)
4.1.2 Enter Trainee’s Details Individually

4.2 Edit Returned Training Grant Application

4.3 Edit Approved Training Grant Application by Company

4.4 Endorse Nett Fee Training Grant Application by Training Organisation

4.5 Apply for Training Grant by Training Organisation for Self-Sponsored Trainee

4.6 Apply for Training Grant by CETC for Self-Sponsored Trainee

Section 5: Claim for Training Grant Applied

5.1 Submit Full Fee Claim by Company

5.2 Submit Nett Fee Claim by Training Organisation

5.3 Edit Returned Claim 

5.4 Submit Claim by Training Organisation for Self-Sponsored Trainee

5.5 Submit Claim by CETC for Self-Sponsored Trainee

Section 6: Enquiry Screens

6.1 Enquire About Course

6.2 Enquire About Training Grant Application

6.3 Enquire About Claim

Section 7: Upload Assessment Results

7.1 Upload WSQ Assessment Results

7.2 Upload Non-WSQ Assessment Results

7.3 Convert File from Microsoft Excel to CSV Format

7.4 Automatic Straight-Through Qualification Process for Selected WSQ Qualifications

Section 8: SkillsFuture Qualification Award

8.1 SkillsFuture Qualification Award

Section 9: FAQs for WSQ e-Cert System

9.1 View / Download e-Cert FAQs

Section 10: Miscellaneous

10.1 View / Update Individual Profile

10.2 Glossary of Terms Used