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Assessment-Only Pathway (AOP)

The Assessment-Only Pathway (AOP) provides an individual the opportunity to achieve a Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) qualification directly by assessing their knowledge and skillsets without having to undergo training.

The AOP is one of the key features that distinguishes adult continuing education and training (CET) by recognising the individual’s prior learning. It is another form of assessment conducted based on the skills, knowledge and attitudes already acquired by an individual irrespective of the ways these competencies were acquired. The AOP is based on the fundamental premise that adult learns in a variety of ways such as:

  • on the job (including on-the-job training)
  • off the job classroom setting or training programs
  • self learning

The AOP provides a valid assessment pathway for people who have acquired and developed certain skills and knowledge but was not formally certified. The key benefits of AOP are that:

  • it reduces training resources and wastages
  • promotes learning within all contexts
  • obliterate the needs for adults to relearn what they have already mastered

By certifying the skills, knowledge and attitudes acquired, it acknowledges and gives workers the confidence to continue to update their skills and broaden their knowledge and abilities through lifelong learning.